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by duijn005
25 Jan 2019, 10:34
Forum: Rolling stock
Topic: Ammerdorf
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Re: Ammerdorf

Nice set or wagons. Which series has this actually been? (looks like YW8?)

(see also .pdf on: ... e-2019.pdf)
by duijn005
25 Jan 2019, 10:27
Forum: Modelling work
Topic: N scale projects
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Re: N scale projects

Very excellent made, good work! This is N scale, no HO? :shock:
by duijn005
04 Apr 2018, 17:55
Forum: Network
Topic: Tibet Line, max altitude reached?
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Re: Tibet Line, max altitude reached?

About 5200 m
Lhasa is about 3600m
by duijn005
02 Apr 2018, 18:32
Forum: Miniature layouts
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Beautiful pictures!
The children's playground is also fun, but typical Chinese is the "elderly hangout" of the photo above, fun done. :)
by duijn005
02 Apr 2018, 18:27
Forum: Modelling work
Topic: Modeling-Fair -Messe-Wels-2018 - My layout
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Re: Modeling-Fair -Messe-Wels-2018 - My layout

indeed, nice pictures and a nice layout! 8)
Good job!

(gives a bit of the feeling of Xi'an, the workshop next to the station in older times)
by duijn005
26 Feb 2018, 22:47
Forum: Model news
Topic: NY6
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Re: NY6


Thanks for the information. If it is received, then continue with the ESU decoder ..... :)
As has been said before, the NY6 / 7 is a beautiful model !!
(and Stephen still has a few in stock, I think .... :D )

by duijn005
23 Feb 2018, 10:32
Forum: Model news
Topic: NY6
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Re: NY6

>>> More interested in sorting track to avoid front axles jumping the track. <<<< Do you mean that the rails (your track) are not "right"? I have noticed in the meantime that one axle is not working properly, this causes "bumping". :cry: Already asked if there are spare parts available, but until no...
by duijn005
13 Feb 2018, 12:53
Forum: Model news
Topic: NY6
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Re: NY6

Hi Mark, Also received my NY7, indeed a very nice model! :D :D Thank you for your information, I still have to install the decoder. In DC, all lighting is "on". (including cabin, etc.). Do you know whether the lighting can be switched separately with the standard MTC21 decoder? (if not, I buy a PLUX...
by duijn005
24 Jan 2018, 10:36
Forum: Model news
Topic: Models coming
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Re: Models coming

Thanks for the information. Another wagon to complete the set. :D

@TEAMYAKIMA: I have made the choice to change the entire 25G set to the N27 coaches, do not regret it.
The color is 99% equal, I still have the combination with the Bachmann KD. But also with the other you see almost no difference.
by duijn005
21 Dec 2017, 14:27
Forum: Our members
Topic: New member from Germany
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Re: New member from Germany

Welcome and nice that you have found interest in the Chinese railways.
Maybe a nice idea to visit China, train travel is really great.
Regarding modeling is enough choice today, so your room is soon filled ... :D