Does anyone reading this live near Watford?

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Does anyone reading this live near Watford?

Post by TEAMYAKIMA » 13 Oct 2021, 09:52


I have built the UK's biggest Chinese HO exhibition layout. It's 26ft x 10ft and needs four operators at any given time so in total we take a team of six when we go to shows.

I do have a pool of eight helpers, mainly people who went with me to China to photograph steam trains on several occasions.. The problem I have is that I don't drive and my team of helpers live all over the place - Coventry, Northampton, Carshalton, Barnet (who doesn't drive) and in fact my nearest driver lives 1-2 hours away depending on traffic and if for any reason he can't do the driving, I don't have a Plan B.

I am getting exhibition invites across the UK but I am having to turn them down because I don't have a driver who lives anywhere near me.

I'm desperate, it's taken me 11 years to build this layout and it's too big to set up at home and so unless I can find someone close to Watford who is keen to join the team and help with some of the driving my layout will never be able to be seen again.

If you live anywhere near Watford and you like the idea of being part of my team PLEASE contact me. My team is very welcoming and sociable and the best part of an exhibition weekend is having a few drinks together in a pub on the Friday and Saturday nights.

PLEASE phone me on 07799728863 and we can arr
arrange for you to come over and see the scenic section which is currently set up in my shed.

Thanks for reading this.

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